February 20, 2012

Resumes missing a company description

Why a company description on your resume is so important

One of the most important questions a recruiter will ask a company when they take a detailed description of what the company is seeking is, “What environment/types of companies you would like them coming from?” This is why it is so critical to have a small company description for each of your past employers on your resume.  If you don’t include this information you might be missed for opportunities.  A great example is, my client is seeking someone from a retail distributor.  If you don’t describe a past employer as a retail distributor, we may miss you if we don’t put in the company name to find you in our database.

Your resume should provide the answers to any questions that the hiring manager might need to know and first and foremost, what is the work environments from which you came.  You cannot expect the reader to know what every company does or who they are. With recruiters and companies receiving so many resumes for their openings it is not realistic to expect them to do online searches of your past employers to simply learn who they are and what environments from which you have come.  Instead of shuffling through paper resumes, we are now putting in key words to find resumes in our database.  If you don’t have a company description, there is a greater chance you will be missed for potential opportunities, because we can’t put in the name of every retail distributor, if this makes sense.

Spell it all out for the hiring manager and then sell yourself to them.


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