February 16, 2015

Research BEFORE you Ask

Research BEFORE you Ask

Have you ever done it? Asked a question and realized that by doing a simple search online you probably would have found the answer to your question without even asking. Maybe by asking the question you actually made yourself look a little silly? We live in a very exciting time. Information is literally at our finger tips by simply putting in a few words and hitting search. I am not advocating everything you read online is correct, but it is well worth researching. Your online search skills can come in very handy for your job search and your interviews.

Asking for a weblink is outdated. Simply putting in a company name and hitting search should bring up their information. If this does not work, try putting in the company name and their location. You really don’t need to know a web address anymore.

Instead of asking for directions, learn to use mapquest or simply do an online search for an address and a map should pop up. If all of this fails, then ask for directions.

DON’T ask for a LINK to a job opening. Go on the company website and search their careers section to see if it is posted there. Do online searches for the title of the position and the company name.

Emails—Don’t ask someone to send you an email they have sent you in the past. Learn how to use the search box for your emails. By putting in a couple of key words from that particular email and hitting search, you should have those old emails at your fingertips.

When you are interviewing with a company research them and their industry in depth before your meeting. You should print all information from their website and study it. Do online searches for companies in their industry so you can gain knowledge of who their competitors might be.

Research the interviewer. You might be surprised what you can learn about someone by simply searching their name online.

I recently had a question regarding how to do something on LinkedIn. I have a friend that is an expert on LinkedIn so I called to ask her. She wasn’t able to answer my question but reminded me to do an online search of my question. Sure enough, it was right there with a simple search.

Before you ask, RESEARCH. If you don’t find it online, ask and start with saying “I was unable to find the information online” It speaks volumes for your internet use and knowledge.

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