January 5, 2015

Prepping for Medical/Pharma Sales Part 2

Part 2 of a 3 Part Blog Series

Prepping for a career in Medical/Pharmaceutical Sales

High Activity Selling—After obtaining your Bachelor’s Degree you will want to pursue a sales role that will make you attractive to the Medical and Pharmaceutical Companies. These sales positions are what we refer to as high activity level selling in outside business to business sales. In other words, the positions require lots of cold calling to businesses face to face to generate a sale. Some of the best outside sales roles are copiers, wireless products, payroll services, yellow page sales, business products and services, and uniform sales to name a few. Fortune Companies are ideal, but smaller companies are fine too. If you work for a company that offers a great training program, this is very helpful.

Track Record—Make sure you keep track of your sales efforts. It is not your employers responsibility to provide you with this information. I am going to blog about this later because I hear this often. “My employer did not provide me with my track record.” You need to keep track of this on your own to help sell you to future employers. You will want to put your track record on your resume.

# of Years of Sales Experience—Remember to watch the number of jobs you have had out of college. Ideally these companies are seeking 2+ years of experience in an aggressive outside business to business sales role. If you don’t keep track of your sales record you are going to have a difficult time transitioning. You could work for one of the top copier companies in outside business to business sales, but if you don’t have a track record reflected on your resume it will make it almost impossible to get in.

Rankings— Medical and Pharmaceutical Companies typically like Top 10% Rankings with your past employers. This too must be reflected on your resume. Compile a brag book from your career. A brag book is basically a scrap book of all of your achievements. You can make copies of your brag book materials and leave it with an interviewer.

Transitioning from Pharma to Medical Sales—It is also helpful to know, that if you are wanting in Medical Sales, many companies will not consider Pharmaceutical Sales alone. If you have Pharmaceutical Sales, you most often have to have good business to business sales BEFORE your Pharma sales to get in medical sales. If you have had too much pharmaceutical sales, this might make it difficult to get in Medical Sales.

Again, if you do not have the above background, I am not saying you cannot get into Medical and Pharmaceutical Sales. I am merely speaking from many years of recruiting experience and reflecting upon the qualifications they require from recruiters.

In Part 3 of the 3 Part Blog Series—I will talk about the positions that are not necessarily good transitions into these industries.

Tanya Duncan has 12 years of National Recruiting experience. The first 6 years of her career was spent focusing on National Sales Recruiting primarily in Industrial/Mfg., Medical, Pharmaceutical and Business Products/Services.

Tanya obtained 12 National Sales Awards from her career with Snelling to include a #1 Recruiter in the Nation Award March 2009, out of 88 National Recruiters. When she left Snelling she was ranked in the Top 10% of Snelling Recruiters Nationally. Tanya now operates her own recruiting agency focusing primarily on Industrial and Manufacturing but is also full-service working in other industries. A-PLUS Recruiting, Inc. offers 1-Year “pay as you go” guarantees on candidate placements.

Tanya’s Expertise includes—Recruiting/Headhunting in all industries, Interviewing, Resume Consultation and prepping new grad’s on pursuing a career in Medical and Pharmaceutical Sales Recruiting.



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