April 28, 2015

Biomedical Engineer in Market

Entry level Biomedical Engineer—Recently graduate Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering with 4 years of laboratory experience in pharmaceutical studies, fuel cell testing, and computational biomechanics. Experience with Minitab, Solidworks, and Abaqus. Relocatable. US work authorized.

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Tanya Duncan has 12 years of National Recruiting experience. The first 6 years of her career was spent focusing on National Sales Recruiting primarily in Industrial/Mfg., Medical, Pharmaceutical and Business Products/Services.

Tanya obtained 12 National Sales Awards from her career with Snelling to include a #1 Recruiter in the Nation Award March 2009, out of 88 National Recruiters. When she left Snelling she was ranked in the Top 10% of Snelling Recruiters Nationally. Tanya now operates her own recruiting agency focusing primarily on Industrial and Manufacturing but is also full-service working in other industries. A-PLUS Recruiting, Inc. offers 1-Year pay as you go guarantees on candidate placements.

Tanya’s Expertise includes—Recruiting/Headhunting in all industries, Interviewing, Resume Formatting and prepping new grad’s on pursuing a career in Medical and Pharmaceutical Sales Recruiting.

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