December 2, 2014

A-PLUS Resume Consulting

A-PLUS Resume Consulting Services for Job Seekers

A-PLUS Resume Consulting is designed to save you money by coaching you on making changes to your own resume. Maybe you have excellent grammatical and writing skills, but just need someone to point you in the right direction, and answer your questions about your resume?  This service is an excellent fit for you.

Over the years, I have noticed there is a real demand for such service. Many times people are paying lots of money for a resume that does not provide the basic information a company or agency needs to see on your resume and the resume does not do a great job of selling your background to them either. In some cases, vital information is missing. I see resumes written by professional resume writers that might actually be hurting you in your job search or they are not providing the right information for a firm to find you in their database for future opportunities.

Some things I will cover with you in our consultation:

1. Is your resume providing the right information?
2. Is your resume selling your background?
3. Is your resume in the right format?
4. Is your resume providing information that might be hindering you in your job search?
5. Are you missing CRITICAL components on your resume?

For a nominal charge, I will consult with you in person or over the phone, give you advice, and offer recommended changes to your resume.  I will provide excellent examples of what companies want and need to see and we will also answer any questions you might have regarding your resume or job search. I will provide you with an excellent interview prep sheet for your job search. After you have made the recommended changes to your resume I will review your resume one or two more times for any additional or last minute recommendations. A-PLUS Resume Consulting is a great value for the price.

It should be noted, that I am not saying your current resume format will not get you hired. I am merely offering advice to give you the best shot in your job search and help you sell your background to future employers.

Over my twelve year recruiting career, I have had the opportunity to work with many companies and many hiring managers. This experience in itself is what makes me an excellent person to advise you on your resume. I have also worked with Fortune Companies to include some of the toughest to get hired on at.

For more information on this service you may email me at and send your resume for review. If your resume is not in need of changes, we will not recommend this service to you.

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